Bakery Manager

The Bakery Manager is a versatile and proactive team player and leader who organizes employees' work, creates a comfortable and heart-warming environment for Guests, and ensures good financial performance. Bakery Manager perfectly knows all operational processes, trains, motivates, and supports employees. He or she shares and conducts company values and culture. Other responsibilities include making schedules, inventory control, product quality control, store finances and document management.

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  • Sound personnel management skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Strong leadership and communication skills
  • Ability to organize, motivate, and lead a team
  • Understanding of the sales environment


Experience: 1-year leadership experience in food service industry
Age: 18 years old or above
Education: High school or equivalence, college degree is desired

Main responsibilities

  • Ensures consistent service quality and standard compliance of the Bakery
  • Builds and leads a great professional team
  • Organizes the Bakery’s consistent and continuous operation (systematic ordering of products, product quality control)
  • Oversees employees’ performance and productivity
  • Supports national and local marketing initiatives
  • Completes and posts staff work schedules
  • Handles payroll and store’s cash flow
  • Manages business records, controls inventory
  • Enforces health and food safety regulations
  • Adheres to uniform and personal hygiene rules determined by LC Chain Standards


The Bakery Manager knows all the processes and is ready to help any employee when needed.

Working Conditions

Working in our Bakeries involves many physical activities (standing, bending, squatting and stretching) sometimes in a near proximity to hot appliances. The Bakery Manager may also accomplish tasks that require moving, lifting, or carrying goods weighing up to 30 pounds periodically. The number and frequency of shifts, as well as the employment arrangement (full/part-time, day/night shifts etc.) may vary depending on the Bakery location.