The Barista brews coffee and makes other beverages using coffee equipment and other tools. The Barista makes sure that all drinks are prepared properly and look nice. We help our Baristas with extensive training, detailed guidelines, and recipe cards.

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  • Be active, attentive and always on time
  • Be able to connect with Guests and employees in a friendly and professional way
  • Be ready to thrive in a fast-paced work environment


Experience: Prior work experience is not required, but it is preferred. The drive to learn and grow professionally is the most important factor
Age: 18 years old or above
Education: High school or equivalence


  • Prepares hot and cold beverages according to LC Recipe Cards
  • Maintains safety and sanitation rules in work areas
  • Fills the coffee machine with coffee beans and milk
  • Controls appearance and quality of drinks
  • Keeps work equipment and the workplace clean
  • Controls the correct operation of brewing equipment and its cleanliness
  • Adheres to uniform and personal hygiene guidelines determined by LC Chain Standards


We are in favor of a one-size-fits-all approach. Every employee eventually learns to work in any of the available roles and is ready to take over for colleagues if necessary.

Working Conditions

Working in our Bakeries involves many physical activities (standing, bending, squatting and stretching) sometimes in a near proximity to hot appliances. An employee may be tasked with moving, lifting, or carrying goods weighing up to 30 pounds periodically.
The number and frequency of shifts, as well as the employment arrangement (full/part-time, day/night shifts etc.) may vary depending on the Bakery location.