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Lviv Croissants stands as a transformative franchise that has redefined the way croissants are enjoyed in Europe’s largest country. With an annual output exceeding twelve million croissants, Lviv Croissants has earned its place as the preferred destination for a countless number of customers. While the conventional perception often confines croissants to breakfast, paired with jam and butter, at Lviv Croissants, we challenge this notion. Our offerings demonstrate remarkable versatility, catering to a myriad of sweet and savory flavor profiles, making them an ideal choice for any time of the day.


Lviv Croissants stands apart from the conventional fast-food stores you may be accustomed to. Our distinctive approach combines a welcoming European ambiance, expertly crafted freshly baked croissants, and a commitment to offering healthy food choices, all while incorporating innovative technology solutions. Our menu is frequently updated to provide you with new delicious offers and specials. With a selection of savory and sweet fillings as well as countless customization options, everyone can find their perfect croissant and, if desired, pair it with a delicious soup, salad, or drink. This concept not only epitomizes the essence of Lviv Croissants but also aligns seamlessly with the contemporary trends prevalent in quick service restaurants across North America.


…is the result of the meticulous work of our team. We provide a diverse menu of signature sandwiches and sweet croissants, as well as soups, salads, and drinks to complement your meals.


Become the first Ukrainian Chain on the global stage that serves delicious croissant sandwiches


Be the top bakery café for our Customers with the most delicious croissants, fresh ingredients, stylish design in a convenient location


  • Speed. We share our Customers’ love for constant movement, which is why speed is built into both our operations and our development plan.
  • Quality. Despite rapid growth, we adhere to uniform chain and franchise standards. Therefore, when visiting Lviv Croissants in any city or country, our Customers can count on quality service, delicious croissants, and a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere. We believe that even a 5-minute meal should take place in a pleasant atmosphere, so each of our stores has a unique design, which is convenient for both a quick bite and spending time with family or friends.
  • Diversity. We cherish diversity in everything we do – from our menu to our approaches and our team. Our goal is to ensure that everyone finds their place and their flavor.
  • Uniqueness. We are proud of the uniqueness of our flagship product and concept overall and strive to create a special and positive experience for our Customers.


  • Attention and respect to our partners and customers
  • Process optimization
  • Mutual respect and mutual assistance
  • Openness and loyalty
  • Independence and responsibility


Every business starts with an idea and a little bit of luck. During one of our earliest croissant tastings, something unexpected occurred. Our chef deviated from the conventional defrosting and baking methods, resulting in larger, puffier, and incredibly delicious croissants. Initially fearing the batch was ruined, we were pleasantly surprised by the outcome. Upon tasting these croissants, Andrii Halytskyi, the founder of Lviv Croissants, recognized their unique potential. While traditional croissants are typically paired with sweet toppings, such as jam and butter, Andrii saw an opportunity to innovate. He decided to fill the oversized croissants with savory ingredients, leading to the creation of our first signature croissant sandwich: the Lviv Croissant. It remains one of our best-selling croissants to this day.

In the 9 years since our founding, we have become a staple in the Ukrainian fast food market, with over 160 operating stores. More than 1,500 people work every day to build a strong and high quality Ukrainian brand that unites the country and provides exceptional service to all of our customers. In 2022, we entered the international market. Today we have 10 Bakeries operating in Poland, with many more in the pipeline to open soon. We were able to create a new business concept that has stood the test of time and has been battle tested – literally. Now it’s time for new challenges – entering the North American market and popularizing the Ukrainian brand across the ocean. Our core concept remains the same – large freshly baked croissants with various savory and sweet fillings, fragrant coffee, and the signature cozy atmosphere of the city of Lviv.

Andrii Galytskyi

Founder and CEO of Lviv Croissants Bakery Franchise