Give a Chance for Recovery

Give a Chance for Recovery

They fought for our freedom, now you can help them fight for their lives. Give a chance for recovery – a joint initiative between Unbroken and Lviv Croissants.

Unbroken is a national rehabilitation center oriented to provide aid for Ukrainian militaries and civilians with physical and psychological issues received as a result of the war with russia.

Lviv Croissants joined the charitable initiative to help collect 100 million UAH for the project “Prosthesis of the Unbroken”.
On Dec 27 our Bakery Chain launches the collection of 2 000 000 UAH. This amount will be enough to provide a prosthesis to one more Ukrainian defender.


How to join the Lviv Croissants charity initiative:

1) From Dec 27 till Jan 31 in addition to delicious croissants buy special Unbroken Stickers. All collected funds will be allocated for this project.

2) Get a chance to win a one-year subscription for free croissants. Every person who donates 100 UAH or more through this webpage on the platform will have a chance to win a full year subscription for free croissants. Do not forget to indicate your contact information (email) when making a donation.

3) The person who makes the biggest donation on the webpage on the platform will have a chance to choose the name for our new seasonal croissant.

Become a part of a big charity! Together we are a great power.