Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

Independence, Unity, Contribution

While the military is proving themselves on the front line,
businesses are working hard on the home front. While being oppressed, the Ukrainian language and culture become even more popular and powerful. While being torn apart, the Ukrainian nation becomes even stronger and more united. Ukraine is now a symbol of bravery. The country where everyone can do their part. And be proud of it.

We are proud of our Partners, Employees and Guests alike. Over the past six months we all have grown into ourselves and there is nothing to hide – these have been some rough times. But the thing that distinguishes our past from the present is an ever stronger unity.

Together yet independently, everyone is doing what one knows best! At Lviv Croissants, we are continuing to serve great food and develop a successful Ukrainian QSR chain! For the joy of our Guests and the bright future of our Country!

Happy Independence Day!

Lviv Croissants 🥐