Teriyaki Salmon Croissant

Teriyaki Salmon Croissant

There are three signs of spring: thaw, more daylight, and the arrival of the Teriyaki Salmon Croissant Sandwich on the Lviv Croissants menu. Our waiting has finally paid off!

We love to experiment with flavors and surprise our croissant lovers. But we love it even more when seasonal specialties become delicious traditions. And it seems that Teriyaki Salmon Croissant is now one of them. It is made with the classic combination of lightly salted salmon and sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce. The flavor of the freshly baked croissant is perfectly complemented by the cream cheese, while pickled ginger, lettuce, and fresh cucumber give the filling a crisp texture. Simple and delicious in a spring-like way!

Meet the new season at Lviv Croissants! Teriyaki Salmon Croissant is already available at all Bakeries of our chain.