Taste the Flavors of Greece!

Taste the Flavors of Greece!

You are welcome to visit the very peak of Olympus! The place where our Gyros Croissant summer special was born.

Legend has it that Croissanus, the ancient Greek god, created this work of culinary art on top of Olympus. He spent ages experimenting with the best ingredients until he reached the perfect combination. Tender grilled chicken, juicy tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers, fragrant arugula, a bit of pickled onions with a Greek yogurt-based spicy sauce.

This is how the Gyros Croissant was born – divinely delicious and mythically beautiful!
We are waiting for you to sample our summer Lviv Croissants specialty in your favorite bakery chain. Make some haste, Gyros Croissant is already on the menu!