Pistachio Delight!

круасан з фісташковою начинкою фото

Pistachio Delight!

Finally, we can talk about it out loud. The pistachio croissant is already available at all Bakeries across the country!

At first sight, pistachio filling peeks out of the crispy croissant, as if repeating the shape of a “smiling” nut. But in fact, the taste is so bright that you won’t be able to forget it even the next day.

The main character of the specialty is a delicate pistachio cream, reminiscent of a blanket that you wrap yourself in on the coldest winter evening. Pistachio provides for bright yet delicate taste and powdered sugar sweetens your everyday life.

This is your pistachio time! This is your Pistachio Croissant! Taste the pistachio!