Lviv Croissants in Slovakia

Lviv Croissants in Slovakia

Lviv Croissants continue to make the world fall in love with croissants! Meet the first Lviv bakery in Slovakia!

The first Slovak Lviv Croissants bakery opened in the heart of Bratislava, on 13 Gvezdoslava Square (Hviezdoslavovo námestie, 13). At the historical part of the city, constantly humming with both locals and tourists. The best place to enjoy a hearty lunch, taste your first savory croissant, have a gathering with your family or sip a cocktail and enjoy your time with friends. Whatever the reason is, get ready to fall in love with Lviv Croissants!

We are sure that the Lviv Croissants bakery in Bratislava will become a cozy place to enjoy the moment of rest or a nice place to focus on your work. Congratulations to our partners on a successful start in Slovakia! Let it be the beginning of an exciting Croissant journey.