Let's Pick Some Berries!

Let's Pick Some Berries!

There is no need to go to the forest to satisfy your cravings for berries any more, visit Lviv Croissants instead. All the sweetest and most juicy ones are already in the new Wild Berry Croissant!

Imagine your morning in the Carpathians. You wake up at dawn, take a wicker basket and head for the forest to pick the freshest and yet most delicious berries directly from the bush at the place people doubtedly reach. It was this feeling that we tried to convey when we created our summer specialty – Wild Berries Sweet Croissant. Every detail reaches perfection in it: delicate Yogurt Base Cream, Sweet Ripe Raspberries, Blueberries with a hint of sourness, and even Sugar-Powdered crunchy Crust. Tastes perfect, looks gorgeous!

Take your friends to pick some berries at Lviv Croissants! Our summer specialty is already at every Lviv Croissants bakery.