Happy Croissant Day!

Happy Croissant Day!

Croissant lovers, we congratulate you on your professional holiday – Croissant Day! There’s only one way to celebrate it right – come to the nearest bakery on January 30, order your favorite croissant, your favorite sweet one, and your favorite drink. But the celebration doesn’t end there.

When you receive your receipt, take a close look at it: it contains your gift – a special holiday promo code. Enter it on the SWEET.TV website and for only 2 hryvnias you will get:

  • monthly access to the SWEET.TV premium package;
  • a thematic selection of movies “Lviv Croissants Culinary Film Club”.
  • The promo code is only valid for a month, so don’t hesitate and register it on SWEET.TV. We advise you to take one or two more croissants with you, because it’s not a good idea to watch movies from our selection when you’re hungry. Happy holiday, croissant lover! Thank you for being with us!