Alpine Bumblebee

Alpine Bumblebee

Alpine Bumblebee has arrived! Enjoy our brand new croissant sandwich with juicy chicken and prosciutto, created to honor generous people who like helping others.
This name was given by the Ukrainian-Swiss family of #croissantlovers, who donated 40 thousand UAH in “Nezlamni” (Unbroken) charitable initiative on platform.

They called it Alpine, because the family lives in Switzerland among some of the most majestic mountains – the Alps. Bumblebee – because it is resilient, fast and strong which resembles the character of every Ukrainian. They build their nests under, over and on the ground, live on all continents, except Antarctica, and are able to find nectar in the most unreachable places – just like Ukrainians during the war. We have no fear, we know what to do, we can get the most out of little to no resources and our strength is admired all over the world.

Alpine Bumblebee Croissant is a tribute to kindness that has united the countries, has shown the power of our people and helped with much needed Bionic prosthesis fundraising. We would like to thank the Histand family for their act of support and this wonderful idea. We are proud to share such generosity.

This limited offer is already waiting for you in our Bakeries. Grab your friends and have a bite!