2022 was a year of not “Thank to” but “In spite of”!

2022 was a year of not “Thank to” but “In spite of”!

In spite of fear and stress we kept on working and supporting our country’s economy.
In spite of uncertainty we opened new Bakeries and entered the European market.
In spite of pain we launched charity campaigns and donated.
In spite of the darkness we became even more united.

But thank to all of the challenges we became even stronger and braver. We learned to appreciate daily routines and deliver more.

We have proved to ourselves that we are stronger than we ever thought we would be. We are a united nation, a big family, and support to each other.
We keep on working, creating, believing, and fighting together.

Many things changed but our desire to operate and make everything around us better stayed with us. The main conclusion is that no one ever can change that.

For the year of 2023 we have only one resolution which is the Victory. We can take care of everything else ourselves!