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Sandwich Maker

Sandwich Maker is our food master, essential employee for our product quality. He or she ensures quick and proper preparation of croissants. We help our Sandwich Makers with extensive training, detailed guidelines and recipe cards.

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The Cashier is the face and mood-setter at our stores! He or she creates an environment of friendliness and warmth. The Cashier knows how to make the best offers for Guests, handles payments, and makes sure that all orders look great and are delivered to Guests.

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Cook / Food Processor

The Cook provides high-quality ingredients and bakes delicious croissants. He or she ensures product quality, controls ingredients, and processes them. Our Cooks are also responsible for baking the main product of our chain – croissants. We help our Cooks with detailed guidelines and recipe cards.

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Front of House

Front of House ensures high level of service and comfort for Guests. He or she quickly delivers orders, keeps the store clean and organized, assists in preparation of beverages. We help our Front of House employees with extensive training, detailed guidelines, and recipe cards.

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The Barista brews coffee and makes other beverages using coffee equipment and other tools. The Barista makes sure that all drinks are prepared properly and look nice. We help our Baristas with extensive training, detailed guidelines, and recipe cards.

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Bakery Manager

The Bakery Manager is a versatile and proactive team player and leader who organizes employees' work, creates a comfortable and heart-warming environment for Guests, and ensures good financial performance. Bakery Manager perfectly knows all operational processes, trains, motivates, and supports employees. He or she shares and conducts company values and culture. Other responsibilities include making schedules, inventory control, product quality control, store finances and document management.

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Lviv Croissants is a franchise that has brought croissant consumption in Eastern Europe to a whole new level. Selling more than 12M sandwiches per year, Lviv Croissants has become the favorite place for a countless number of guests. Although traditionally croissants are perceived as especially good for breakfast, with jam and butter, at Lviv Croissants we prove that our product is versatile and perfect for countless sweet and savory flavor combinations at any time of the day!